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Welcome to the cottage...

Papa's Cottage was a yellow frame structure built on a hill on the shore of a lake in Ohio. It was a cozy two-bedroom bungalow with a tiny kitchen, a small family room and an even smaller collection of porches off the back, overlooking the water. For almost twenty years, it was where Papa (and Tammie's family) escaped to every summer weekend, and where Nana's extended family headed to join us on Sundays.

The exposure to outside influence was small, as the TV was black and white and tiny enough to carry with one hand. There was a radio, but it only played AM stations. Every now and again a desperate child would find a splash of rock and roll mixed in with the whiny sounds of old-time country music, but for the most part, we learned to enjoy the slide guitar and folks commiserating about lost love. In honesty, though, the only reason either of these two devices were ever really on was to warn us of impending twisters or hail, as can happen without any real warning when you live in the midwest.

It was also at this magical place that Papa and I learned the love of displaying our crafts. We would spend countless hours during the week working on our wares, his - usually wooden and painted for the outdoors, mine - usually worked with a needle and hung on a wall. Then we would bring them together and set them up. Standing back, we'd look at the placement of a line of little white ducks along a flower bed, or see if a picture frame hung straight against the real but old wood paneling. And before long, it became the place for Nana's sisters, nieces and great-nieces to also bring their creations - from cross-stitch pictures to crocheted pillows to hand-loomed rugs on the floor. Like any center of family activity, it was filled with cherished creations and warm memories.

But then suddenly, Papa was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in September, 1990, and passed from this life February 12, 1991, four months before I graduated from high school. We helped Nana with the cottage as much as we could, for as long as 3 teenage girls could bend their hectic work and life schedules, but in 1993 she sold it to a young man who had ambitions of bringing his own kids there on the weekends. And though we were sad to see it go, we knew his plans were in the right spirit. Plus, to be honest, it just was never the same without Papa being around to watch over us...

Not long ago, I heard through the grapevine that the cottage burnt down. It was over 55 years old and just couldn't hold up without a complete renovation. Luckily, no one was there or was hurt in the fire, but the memory of that little yellow ranch with it's reddish-orange Darth Vader helmet-shaped fireplace in the family room and it's cool shaded lake view porches will never be forgotten. It was a place of love, laughter and memories. And the reason the passion for crafting is still alive in me today.

So in Papa's memory, welcome to his namesake, Papa's Cottage. We're currently back in Ohio and sell through our web page (www.papascottage.com / www.papascottagehome.com), on Etsy.com, and at local shows.

Take a look around our site. We hope you find something you like. God bless.