Our Team


Tammie was born and bred in Ohio, and was the lucky one who grew up spending her weekends at her Papa’s Cottage on Berlin Resevoir.

She initially left Ohio to attend the University of Miami in Florida for architecture, but life found a way to bring her back to Ohio. She flirted a bit with real estate, and even became a licensed realtor, but then redirected to a career in medicine when she found out she was pregnant with her son. Medicine soon took her back to her first love, anatomy and biology, and she changed majors again to become an educator of the higher sciences. Her last bit of college was in 2009 when she added a business degree to her long list of collegiate pursuits, and though she dabbles in the thought of going back for year number 8, she has yet to actually sign back up.

For now, she is the lead design engineer for Papa’s Cottage, handling miniatures and home décor, plus she is PC’s resident doll artist. You can find her work featured in our online store, on Etsy and Ebay, and of course at shows. She’s also on Amazon, as she has had 3 novels published since 2011.

You can friend her on facebook at https://www.facebook.com/papascottageohio, she’d love to meet you!


Patrick hails from New Jersey, not too far from New York City, which explains his absurd affinity for NY Style pizza. If you want to win him over, bring him a thin crust with red sauce, crumbled sausage and thick cut fresh mushrooms. A traditional everything bagel from NJ’s finest places will get you a firm second place.

His production experience begins back in his childhood with an engineer father who brought him into manufacturing very early. Taking apart toasters and electronics to see how they worked brought out the mechanical wizard in that little boy, and nowadays, he impresses Tammie by just needing to look at something to get it to start behaving again. His college education has brought him fully around from the early days in forensics to electrical engineering to his latest pursuits of gathering his colorful belts in Six Sigma Theory and Practice.

At Papa’s Cottage, he takes care of the website as our web developer, he manages all of our operations, and he is our on-site mechanical wizard for when something breaks or when we need something built in a flash (especially in our 3D printer).

He looks forward to presenting our customers with the best personalized and custom made home décor you can find on the web.